Qigong and the Natural World

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health maintenance practice, growing in popularity throughout the western world.   Qi (chi) is “life force” or energy and Gong means long time study or cultivation.   Qigong is the precursor to Tai Chi and all the martial arts.  It has been noted that a daily practice of qigong may lead to longevity.

Acupuncturists work with qi to effect healing and promote well-being, but you can move this energy yourself, by learning simple movements, meditation, breathing practices and self-applied massage, seated or standing.  Qigong is easy, joyful, profound, and deeply satisfying.

I have been practicing Qigong and studying with various Qigong masters for many years, and have been teaching since 2007.  Teaching Qigong has never ceased to be a blessing for me.  It is not a practice where ego reigns.  Getting “better” at it leads to personal enrichment, increased composure, an ability to focus, and an accompanying release of calm into the world.  Qigong is a connector with the natural world and with each other.  The practice is both energizing and centering.  I became certified to teach it so I could pass on the gift.