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Welcome!  You’ll find poems, prose and paintings here, and a few words about Qigong, all based on my connection with the natural world.  But no  words or pictures are as powerful as getting out and enjoying nature.  So, more than reading, or purchasing, I encourage you to find your own experience in forests, fields, gardens, oceans—every day, for the better part of each day if possible.  In today’s indoor and virtual world that’s a mighty prescription for what I believe to be our cultural and physical malaise.  Bring to your outdoor adventure whatever you wish: friends, quiet, paint, binoculars, delighted feet.  It will give you back much more than you bring.

You’ll find a page here devoted to the outdoor “loves” of people in our National Parks who told me their stories and showed me the places with which they feel connection.  I believe we all respond to some places more than to others, places that become special and sacred to us.

And of course, I have my own place—no place calls to me as strongly as Wendell State Forest.  You will find artwork here inspired by it.

I hope you enjoy this romp in the wilderness.  And then, go out and have your own time of connection and renewal.